Компания «Лето Групп» – сухой яичный меланж

Dried pasteurized albumen 

With increased gelation

Stages of production
Ingredients: Edible chicken egg albumen

Replacement ratio: 1 kg of pasteurized dry albumen with high gelatinization is equivalent to 310-316 fresh egg whites.

Production process: Pasteurised albumen powder with high gelatin content is obtained by dividing whole egg into white and yolk. Then albumen is filtered, fermented, dried, packed and pasteurised.

Packaging: Dried fermented pasteurized albumen is packed into 25 kg corrugated boxes with PE liner.
Storage: Shelf life of Dried albumen at t max. + 20 °C 12 months. At a temperature not higher than +4 °C shelf life is extended to 24 months. Stored in dry, clean and well-ventilated rooms.

Application: Pasteurized fermented dry protein is used in confectionery and bakery industries.

Organoleptic characteristics: Fermented pasteurized dried albumen is a homogeneous product without extraneous impurities, without shell fragments and films.
Product color – white to yellowish-white
Taste and odor – natural, odorless egg consistency – a homogeneous powdery mass. Allowed the presence of easily crumbling under mechanical action lumps.
Physico-chemical parameters
Microbiological parameters
Technological recommendations: Diluted with water in the ratio 1:9. Recovery time at least 30 min. Water temperature should not exceed 20 ºC.

Pasteurized dried albumen with high gel formation has good binding properties, gives the structure dense, elastic, homogeneous. Protein content of more than 85 % increases the nutritional value of the finished product. It enriches human diet with proteins.