Компания «Лето Групп» – сухой яичный меланж

Dried pasteurized albumen 

With high foam content

Stages of production
Composition: Edible chicken egg albumen

Replacement ratio: 1kg of high-foaming pasteurized albumen is equivalent to 310-316 fresh egg whites.

Production process: Dry albumen pasteurized with high foam is obtained by separating the whole egg into white and yolk, then the liquid protein is filtered, fermented, dried, packed and pasteurized.

Packaging: Dry albumen pasteurized with high foam is packed into 25 kg corrugated box with a plastic liner.
Storage: Shelf life of Dry albumen at t max +20 °C 12 months. At a temperature not higher than +4 °C shelf life is extended to 24 months. Stored in dry, clean and well ventilated rooms.

Usage: Pasteurized albumen powder with high foam content is used in bakery and confectionery industry.

Organoleptic characteristics: Dry albumen pasteurized with high foaming is a homogeneous product without foreign substances, without shell fragments and films.
Product color – white to yellowish-white
Taste and odor – natural, odorless egg
Consistency – homogeneous powdery mass. Allowed the presence of easily crumbling under mechanical action lumps.
Physico-chemical parameters
Microbiological indicators
Technological recommendations: Diluted with water in the ratio 1:7 - 1:9. Recovery time at least 30 min. Water temperature should not exceed 20-35 ºC.

Dried pasteurized albumen with high foaming is used in the manufacture of confectionery, it is well and quickly whipped into a dense and homogeneous foam.