Компания «Лето Групп» – сухой яичный меланж

Dried eggshells ground natural

Fraction 4-8 mm
Fraction 1 mm
Fraction 250 microns

Stages of production
Ingredients: Broken chicken egg shells

Production process: Egg shells after breaking, dried in a drying chamber with air heated to 400 °C - 700 °C (inlet), which kills all pathogenic microflora.

Packaging: Dry eggshells are packed into Kraft/polypropylene bags 50 kg, 500-1000 kg in big-bags (soft containers).
Storage: Store in dry, well-ventilated warehouses, under a roof.
Shelf life is 5 years.

  1. Feed additive in the production of mixed fodder.
  2. Feed additive in fish farming.
  3. Soil fertilizer. To increase crop yield, soil fertility and to repel pests.
Physico-chemical parameters
  1. Dry eggshells are used in the production of compound feed for poultry and farm animals. As a source of calcium, it is virtually unmatched. Dry eggshells consist of 90 % of calcium carbonate, and this calcium carbonate is absorbed almost 100 % due to the fact that it has already been synthesized in the poultry organism from organic to inorganic calcium. In addition, the shells contain all trace elements necessary for the organism. Such as: copper, fluorine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, sulfur, selenium, zinc, etc.
  2. There is experience of using ground eggshells as an additive in fish food. Eggshells contain 27 microelements necessary for fish organism: copper, silicon, phosphorus, iron, manganese, molybdenum – the presence of which strengthens fish immunity, improves its survival in conditions of all polluted water bodies, acid rains, increases resistance to radiation. Ground eggshells in the fish food strengthens bones, cleans blood, accelerates metabolism, accelerates development and growth of fish weight. When getting into the water together with the food, the eggshells soften the water. Feed additive in the form of a mixture of ground eggshells, egg film and freeze-dried egg white is delivered in a fraction of coarse grinding (250 microns) and does not require additional grinding before dosing into the feed mixture. Ground egg shells have proven to be a versatile enhancer for a variety of fish bait. Dried protein-containing egg whites in ground eggshells and dried ground egg film create a flavour that attracts fish to the bait.
  3. Dried eggshells can serve to improve soil fertility and can bring a lot of benefits:
  • as a means of reducing its acidity;
  • as an excellent natural remedy for beetles and wireworms;
  • sprinkle on top of the soil in order to protect against cruciferous fleas, moth clutches, reduce weed growth and mulch;
  • dry eggshells contain about 94 % of calcium salts; 1.3 % of magnesium, 1.7 % of phosphates, 3 % of organic matter;
  • crushed eggshells are a unique fertilizer, which in addition to these elements includes proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other micro-additives. For example: to improve the soil pH it is enough 0.5-1.0 kg per 1m2; to control pests (Bears and wireworms) mix with ash and sprinkle between the rows.